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Preschool In Shohola


Kids Play Today is a member of the STARS program at a STAR level 3 and working diligently to reach STAR 4. We are members of ASCD, NAEYC, PACCA, Early Learning Leaders and work closely with local community groups to provide information and support to our families.

Welcome to Kids Play Today. Pike County's premiere Scaffold School. With a passion for individualization and exemplary standards, our program touches the lives of children so they are truly prepared for tomorrow. Our program has been carefully aligned to the educational and social needs of our local school districts. Our curriculum exceeds the state standards and our staff creates the perfect environment to foster a love of achieving.

Kindergarten teachers agree that those children who possess basic skills upon entering school are more successful in their early years. Those skills do include ABCs and 123s, but they are only a fraction of what is necessary. Communication skills, social skills, fine motor skills and self control are paramount in every Kindergarten classroom and are necessary for success. At Kids Play Today children are presented with activities that encourage communication with peers and adults in a variety of ways. Children practice taking turns, personal space, sharing, working as a group, and learn the importance of teamwork. Children are given multiple opportunities to practice fine motor control so that a proper writing grasp is achieved and practiced. Our unique facility wide layout allows children to practice the transition from free play to structured class activities in their classroom and when moving from one room to another. In this way, children become ready for the transitions in Kindergarten whether they are moving within in their classroom or between their classroom and the lunchroom.

Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Kids Play Today is based on the belief that future academic success is best achieved through a solid foundation in early childhood. We provide children with the opportunity to think, play, discover, and experiment with all aspects of their world in a safe and healthy environment. All activities are presented using a variety of stimuli and modalities to celebrate and support children who learn in different ways, at their own pace, and may exhibit strengths in different types of intelligences.

The Kids Play Today program and curriculum is designed to expose children to themed topics that enrich and enhance the skills that they are developmentally ready for. We believe that children who are introduced to advanced topics and concepts in early childhood will not only be more successful academically, but will develop the ability to build their understanding of the world in a much more organized and meaningful manner. In other words, we let kids play today…so they are prepared for tomorrow!

Mission Statement

To prepare children and their families for the academic, social, physical, and emotional challenges of Kindergarten in a supportive, respectful and enjoyable manner.

Shohola’s Only School Age Program

Hours are from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm

Mornings will include crafts and games. Afternoons will include snacks and homework help THEN games, crafts, outside time and age appropriate activities.

Policies: Please note that we are a nut free school. Nut products of any kind are not permitted in the facility. In order to keep our facility as clean as possible, shoes are not permitted, but socks are required.