Registration will be done on a first come-first served basis. To register please call us at (570) 296-2313 or send an E-Mail to Please be sure to include your child's name, age and class choice. To save time you may download the enrollment forms and fill them out prior to your arrival at the school.

Kids Play Today offers 4 programs to accommodate family needs

First Program

The first program runs from 9am to 12pm. This is the most academic part of our day beginning with all children reciting the Pledge. Then, all classes participate in their own schedules including circle time, instructional time, independent learning, individualized goals, and social skills building.

Second Program

Our seceond program runs from 9am through 3pm. It includes the elements listed above along with lunchtime learning, rest time, and individual learning time for those that do not nap. At 2:30 all children are typically awake and have additional time to learn through play or work independently with staff.

Third Program

The third program is designed for those families that require longer days. This program runs from 6:30am through 6:30pm. The activities that children participate in at our center before 9am and after 3pm are also structured, however our goals focus heavily on socialization and are much more laid back. Children from various age groups are often combined so that the younger children have the opportunity to learn from the older children and the older children are able to be role models for younger children. Combinations of children are often close to age, but not always. Our older toddlers LOVE our Pre-K children and I personally enjoy watching the school age children become gentle giants when the young toddlers are present.

The benefits of combining age groups are vast. For this reason, our daily schedules provide time each day for all our center children to come together as a large group for music. We also come together for special events and often invite parents and families to attend.

Fourth Program

The fourth program is our School Age Program. This is specifically for the those school age children that need care before and/or after elementary and middle school. Due to DVSD rules, we are only able to accommodate families who utilize Shohola Elementary School and Delaware Valley Middle School. Children in the School age Program arrive in the morning and have the choice of reading or crafts before the bus arrives. After school, children have snack, receive necessary assistance to complete homework and then they are able to choose from a variety of centers and games until parents arrive. Our school age program includes care when DV has delays and/or early dismissals. We also offer flexible options for snow days and changes in parent work schedules.


Rates for all programs depend on how many days per week the children will be attending. While we strive to accommodate atypical schedules, we cannot change schedules weekly. Children must be enrolled on a regular basis. For currently enrolled students, we offer additional drop in days if class space is available.

Policies: Please note that we are a nut free school. Nut products of any kind are not permitted in the facility. In order to keep our facility as clean as possible, shoes are not permitted, but socks are required.

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